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Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers

When you’re faced with a financial crisis it’s important to have the best information available so you can make the right choices for you and your family. Las Vegas Bankruptcy Bulldogs help families keep their homes, their dignity and their peace of mind. We fight for your rights and protect you throughout the process.

While many Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers don’t ever meet directly with their clients, Bankruptcy Bulldogs attorneys meet with every client personally. We pride ourselves on doing what’s right for each client’s situation. This can make a huge difference in the cost of your bankruptcy and the length of time you’ll have to deal with the courts and your creditors. Your situation is unique to you, your solution should be too.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Chapter 13 with Bankruptcy Bulldogs is a repayment option to your debt problems. Instead of wiping out all your debt, certain debt may be kept and restructured where the court will monitor the payments for 3 to 5 years. Unlike Chapter 7 which simply liquidates your assets to pay your creditors, Chapter 13 may allow you to keep your property, such as a house, even if you are behind on payments.

It’s tough enough to understand all the rules and laws regarding bankruptcy.  With Bankruptcy Bulldogs experience you get the “fast track” to jump-start the process. We make it easy, understandable and simple.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Las Vegas with Bankruptcy Bulldogs is all about providing you with a fresh start and eliminating creditors entirely. This really wipes out all your qualifying debts like credit cards, law suits, repossessions deficiencies even medical bills and many other kinds of debt.

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Home Loan Modification

We have successfully completed the most home loan modifications in the State of Nevada. We have also negotiated the most Principal Reductions of any other company or law firm in Nevada. We regularly obtain Second Home Loan Modifications for clients who have already had a previous loan modification in the past. These Second Home Loan Modifications normally have much better results than the first one including the possibility of a principal balance reduction. If you have been approved or denied in the past, please come see us for a second opinion. You may be missing out on something that is now available for your loan.

Our staff has over 20 years of mortgage and real estate experience in solving complex mortgage issues. Attorney Rory Vohwinkel is an actual Real Estate Attorney.

Come see us first before you hire anyone else. Call or fill out the contact us form for a free consultation

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Very Tough

I’ve read some of the reviews on Bankruptcy Bulldogs and their tactics while dealing with the banks. I took one of their “Free Consultations” to see what they are really all about. I found them to be up front and they told it to me how it is without sugar coating anything. I wasn’t there to have someone feed me what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear the truth and they gave it to me straight. All things aside, they put my case together, filed and got it done.  So thanks Bankruptcy Bulldogs, I appreciate you taking the time to see me and get down to what’s what. I filed with them and walked away,  I couldn’t have felt better.

- Linda
A Great Attorney

I have used Bankruptcy Bulldogs and I found them to be a Godsend. They made the process as painless and easy for me as possible in a horribly painful process. AND I am a single woman, he treated me with respect and courtesy as did the rest of his staff… My friend went with a different lawyer. She paid three times as much and got far less service, no call backs from the office etc.

- TL

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