Las Vegas Bankruptcy

“We Protect Our Clients… We Don’t Back Down to Creditors!”

The Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers at Bankruptcy Bulldogs, are well known for the spirit with which they represent their clients. Mr. Rory Vohwinkel, along with his associate attorneys and staff enjoy using Las Vegas Bankruptcy law to eliminate their clients’ debts and to help them get a “fresh start.” They also advise and counsel their clients on how to rebuild their credit after bankruptcy. The staff at Mr. Vohwinkel’s firm derives real satisfaction from protecting financially pressed individuals in Las Vegas, NV that are being taken advantage of by high interest credit card companies and predatory lenders.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Las Vegas

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a way to wipe out your debt by grouping everything together and in one shot creating a fresh start for yourself. Before filing a Bankruptcy you should always meet with a qualified attorney to consider all your options. READ MORE

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Las Vegas

Need to save your house, save your car, stop the IRS from garnishing your wages, bank accounts or other items. Chapter 13 is where you can be protected from the creditors while you make scheduled repayments to get back to your fresh start. In this filing you have terms that are very favorable to you so that you can make your re-payments and thus complete your obligations under Chapter 13. READ MORE

Loan Modification

A Loan Modification is a very straightforward process whereby you are simply re-negotiating the terms. READ MORE

Short Sale

A short sale is a sale of real estate in which the proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the balance of debts secured by liens against the property, and the property owner cannot afford to repay the liens’ full amounts, and whereby the lien holders agree to release their lien on the real estate and accept less than the amount owed on the debt.. READ MORE

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