I’ve read some of the reviews on Bankruptcy Bulldogs and their tactics while dealing with the banks. I took one of their “Free Consultations” to see what they are really all about. I found them to be up front and they told it to me how it is without sugar coating anything. I wasn’t there to have someone feed me what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear the truth and they gave it to me straight. All things aside, they put my case together, filed and got it done.  So thanks Bankruptcy Bulldogs, I appreciate you taking the time to see me and get down to what’s what. I filed with them and walked away,  I couldn’t have felt better.

I have used Bankruptcy Bulldogs and I found them to be a Godsend. They made the process as painless and easy for me as possible in a horribly painful process. AND I am a single woman, he treated me with respect and courtesy as did the rest of his staff… My friend went with a different lawyer. She paid three times as much and got far less service, no call backs from the office etc.

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If you want to get the companies off your back and wash your hands of all your debt problems, go see a real Bankruptcy Attorney like Bankruptcy Bulldogs and Associates. Don’t waste your time playing around with a formal slow firm. Go see the guy that leads the court cases in Las Vegas for Bankruptcy. He’s got it down!

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